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Pat and Sonia, our resident bird bloggers!

Thanks to our avid owl and bird watchers, Pat Webb and Sonia Wade, Middleton Woods residents, we can keep you updated on all the latest news and updates from our feathered friends with our very own ‘Bird Blog’…

Saturday 21st March 2015

“Still no sign of any chicks and it has gone well over thirty days now. She is still sitting tight so hopefully it will be soon. Fingers crossed everybody!”

Monday 9th March 2015

“We did it! We finally managed to take a video just as Mr Owl came in to feed Mrs Owl!”

Sunday 8th March 2015

“Holly left the nest tonight for sometime this is her coming back…”

Sunday 8th March 2015

“Here is a video clip of Holly turning her eggs. We think the chicks should hatch any day now!”

Saturday 7th March 2015

“We sat for three hours on Saturday night listening to Holly crying for her tea but Mr Owl never came to feed her.”

Sunday 1st March 2015

Nest Watch

“We watched as Holly turned her eggs tonight. This was swiftly followed by her enjoying some supper delivered by Mr Owl!”

Wednesday 25th February 2015

“Good news – the little blue tits have been busy making their nest today, it’s so lovely to see that Spring is on the way! Also, Holly the owl went off tonight for over 12 minutes but we can still only see two eggs.”

Tuesday 24th February 2015

“What excitement tonight…while we were showing visitors Holly on the camera, Mr Owl came flying into the box with a real treat – a frog! She is sitting so content and we think she is being a really good Mum this year.”

Sunday 15th February 2015

Nest Watch 2015

“We now have two eggs! Holly is definitely sitting longer on her eggs this year and does not seem as agitated. She appears to only go off for short spells, about 12 minutes at a time where as she left them much longer last year.”

Sunday 8th February 2015

“Our feathered friend, Holly the Owl, is back and is sitting on an egg – how exciting! We think she is a bit earlier this year.”

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