Middleton Spa - Swimming Pool, Spa, Studios and Gym

Middleton Spa swimming poolThe exclusive spa facilities, opened in May 2009 by World Champion swimmer Jo Jackson, are designed to enhance the health and well being of all its members.

The swimming pool, at 1.2 meters deep, is suitable for both swimmers and non swimmers alike who wish to enjoy a pleasant swim or light exercise walking in water. The spa pool, maintained at a comfortable temperature of 34.5 degrees is a wonderful place to relax whether following a workout in the gym or just for pleasure.

The gym has a range of specially designed equipment for aerobic and stretching exercises. Some machines are also suitable for people rehabilitating after injury or operations and to improve movement and flexibility.

Members have access to a personal training service, based on wide experience working with older people. The Healthy Living Advisors are responsible for encouraging all members to make the best use of the facilities to improve their fitness, agility and health. Working with the range of professionals from the Retirement Village, we believe that this should make a significant difference to the health and vitality of members.