Middleton Oaks


“A home from home where people, with support, can live as independently as possible”

Middleton Oaks is an innovative facility, developed for people who wish to lead as independent a life as possible but who need a high level of practical, nurturing support. Often those who enjoy this kind of lifestyle live with the onset of dementia.

The two ‘households’ within Middleton Oaks – Acorn House and Catkin House, are purpose-built and of an extremely high design standard. Each is perfectly suited to provide a home for eight people. The households are linked by the beautiful indoor Winter Garden, a communal space to be enjoyed by residents, families and staff members.

Each resident has their own comfortable and spacious en-suite room and they share a kitchen, dining room and lounge. A homely, familiar environment where they can participate is conducive to a feeling of well-being.

Our experience of this kind of ‘small group living’ mirrors research that clearly shows that many people thrive when they are given the right support. They can continue to enjoy carrying out everyday tasks such as meal preparation, washing up, housework and gardening.

Staff in Middleton Oaks are highly trained and experienced in focusing on what people can still do rather than what they can no longer do.

What are the main benefits of living in a room at Middleton Oaks?
  • Beautiful, spacious rooms that people can make homely and familiar with their own furniture if they wish
  • All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and French windows to a patio
  • Professionally qualified staff with training for and experience with people who have dementia
  • High staff to resident ratios with person-centred care tailored to each resident so that they retain a high level of choice and decision making
  • Residents and staff prepare meals and eat together
  • All dietary requirements and preferences are happily satisfied whenever possible
  • Residents are supported in carrying out other day-to-day tasks as they wish, such as laundry and gardening
  • Use of Middleton Spa is encouraged, including supervised and assisted sessions in the gym and pool
  • ‘Living Well’ activities are enjoyed throughout the week such as;
  • Regular trips in the minibuses are offered to local attractions
  • As well as the beautiful communal grounds, residents, families and friends enjoy spending time in the indoor Winter Garden at Middleton Oaks
  • Visitors are welcome at all times

My mother has been a resident of the small (8 people) family unit for the past 4 years. Her vascular dementia has progressed so from being mobile and able to communicate when she first lived here, she now does not communicate coherently and is not mobile. In that time the dedicated team of carers have patiently dealt with all these changes, never has she been distressed, she is content and they understand her moods and needs probably better than we do now.

All residents are encouraged to join in all activities adapted to their abilities, many of them take part in household tasks as well as physical activities. Their motto is living well with dementia and they certainly do that.

The staff in the unit are truly dedicated to their happiness and well-being at all times.

“The 1 page profiles help us to focus on what really matters, the person at the heart of everything we do” Senior Carer, Middleton Oaks

“The care profiles focus on the person’s wishes, needs and preferences, rather than their sole care needs. You are able to find out about the person and their likes, not just the help they need or how it should be carried out.”
Deputy Manager, Middleton Oaks