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Family Living Service

Eight residents share a communal family environment and participate in lifestyle activities they would have carried out at home including helping to prepare meals, washing up, housework and gardening if they choose. The style of service is all about promoting well-being and purpose ensuring that residents remain in control and are at the centre of any decisions. Run by a team of well-qualified and dedicated carers, the Family Living service is committed to making a positive impact on the physical and mental health of its residents. The Family Living service is a way for people to live as they are used to but in a nurturing environment. You might find someone watering the vegetables or three ladies sitting baking and having a natter like they used to at home. The staff focus on what people can still do, rather than what they can no longer do. This includes household tasks, growing their own vegetables, gardening, baking, tending to chickens and mowing the lawn.

Family Living Carers

Our Family Living carers do not wear uniforms worn elsewhere in the retirement village because it is important for residents to feel at home. There is a high staff to resident ratio ensuring our staff can always put the resident at the centre of everything we do. Dementia affects people’s memories and ability to do every day things but people’s feelings and emotions are very much present. The staff focus on the person first and dementia second so that each person’s identity is valued. Making that connection with someone makes all the difference. High staff to resident ratio coupled with minimal staff turnover, fosters a close relationship between staff and each person and their families. This encourages a positive, responsive, trusting and friendly environment where staff and residents learn from each other.

Middleton Gardens

Middleton Gardens services

Living Well

Our Living Well philosophy is at the heart of Middleton Hall and residents and staff working together are key in making this happen.

Focusing on the resident’s likes and strengths, the service is adapted to benefit their well-being, promoting and supporting their engagement of activities. For example the Family Living team, with the help of the award winning gardening team, have incorporated a small putting green in their garden to benefit a keen golfer. The resident enjoys teaching other residents and staff how to putt. This upholds pride and identity which can often be eroded over time when a person lives with dementia.

Another resident has gained a great sense of purpose and focus in her daily routine by helping our Laundry team to fold and iron items of clothes and sheets.

For others with green fingers, the gardens and vegetable patch provides a wonderful activity for residents to participate in. Pruning pots and troughs, watering tomatoes, helping mow the lawn and tending to the chickens are just some ideas that help engage our residents.

The Living Well and Family Living team together arrange in-house activities and trips out. Most activities are conducted in a small group or on an individual basis, which we find residents prefer. Trips out normally include visits to theatres, shops, local events, the seaside, nature reserves or picnics, depending on residents’ preferences. Middleton Hall has two minibuses for trips out. In addition, we provide a local transport service for residents in Middleton Hall’s car.

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