Middleton Gardens - Family Living

Middleton Gardens

Within Residential Care, an innovative Family Living service has been developed for a small number of residents often with the onset of dementia. Ongoing research in this area clearly shows those people who live with dementia respond and thrive in a more participative style of living. Meaningful occupation is well documented in maintaining life skills, well-being and purpose.

The idea of the Family Living service is based on the Dutch model of dementia care “small group living”. Debby Lamont, Middleton Hall’s Head of Care and Quality, implemented a trial of Family Living following her 1st Class Honours Degree in Dementia Studies at Bradford University. Since its opening in 2011, the service has witnessed very positive outcomes for people since they came to live at Middleton Hall.

Family Living Service

Eight residents share a communal family environment and participate in lifestyle activities they would have carried out at home including helping to prepare meals, washing up, housework and gardening if they choose. The style of service is all about promoting well-being and purpose ensuring that residents remain in control and are at the centre of any decisions. Run by a team of well-qualified and dedicated carers, the Family Living service is committed to making a positive impact on the physical and mental health of its residents. The Family Living service is a way for people to live as they are used to but in a nurturing environment. You might find someone watering the vegetables or three ladies sitting baking and having a natter like they used to at home. The staff focus on what people can still do, rather than what they can no longer do. This includes household tasks, growing their own vegetables, gardening, baking, tending to chickens and mowing the lawn.